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Join Matthew Matics on a fantastic adventure in the wonderful world of mathematics! Matthew takes you on a journey through the continuous and the discrete, through vectorspace and the complex realms. Wouldn't you like to "tag along"?

Matthew Matics was originally (and still also is) a swedish project under the name Matte Matik. If you prefer the swedish version, which has been alive since May -02, visit Matte Matik. A couple of videos to the swedish songs exists, made by Peter Drugge. They can be found on Peter's page. This is just the beginning.

Matthew Matics needs you. If you find the music enjoying, let the world know.

There's also a mailing list for news about Matthew Matics.

2003-03-08 "Oh, if I had been a scalar product" is up on Computerville. Peter Drugge is working on a video to the tune "Calculus". Download the tune "Calculus" here. "Calculus" is a cover on Dr. Bombay's "Calcutta (Taxi, Taxi, Taxi)"

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